The fantastic ChronoLogic Timing Logo

You have reached the ever so humble web page of ChronoLogic Timing.  We are a tiny little company that makes high precision clocks and other devices for racing.  Our big customer is Bonneville Nationals Inc.  who put on SpeedWeek and World Finals racing events at the Bonneville Salt Flats.  If you've raced either of these events in the last eight years, your runs were timed with our equipment.

As of 2004, we are using all new equipment which you can see in the photo below.

What an X-Clock looks like on the inside.

This is what our all new X-clock looks like with the top off.   It has better than .5 ppm accuracy, (approaching 1ppb when disciplined).

We are approved to time FIA Land Speed World Record Attempts and have done so for the world's fastest automobiles including the Team VescoTurbinatorthe fastest wheel driven vehicle at 458.44 MPH.

It is a free running clock with 4, 8, or 16 independent event inputs.

If you are interested in either buying or renting these clocks, please contact Alan at this domain.

The reason we go into timing racing events in the first place, was because we own our own car. If you'd like to see it, visit for a look.

Our latest product has nothing to do with racing or timing.  It is the ChronoLogic Thermo-24,  Thermocouple Reader.  Each module reads 24 thermocouples, and via USB, you can gang as many together as you like, (OK, I've only tested it to 500 TCs but if you need more, we'll talk).  Best of all is the price, just $600 per module which is only $25 per channel!  I don't know of anyone with a lower price per channel, or as many channels available. You can try out our software,(version 1.18) available here.  For more information, contact Alan at this domain.